Know how to do something you think others can learn from? Maybe it's time to do a web video.

In today's (July 27, 2017) NY Times, tech writer Farhad Manjoo writes about "How BuzzFeed's Tasty Conquered Online Food" Farhad talks about those engaging "How To" cooking videos that use the now common technique of shooting overhead videos (Julia Child was using this technique in the 1960's, but Farhad wasn't around.)

Farhad's point is that these videos are VERY popular: Buzzfeed's "Sliders 4 Ways" has been watched 194 million times and their "Cheeseburger Onion Rings" 167 million times. That means combined viewership is more than the population of the United States!

One of the first "How To" videos I produced was for Jan Dougherty who wrote the book "The Lost Art of House Cleaning" which she self published in 2011. She has sold well over 14,000 of these books- all on line through her website and on Amazon. The video you'll see on Jan's website is one we produced in May 2017 using our 4K (4 times HD) video production capability. Chances are you'll watch it in standard HD, but what you see is so much better than what we were doing three years ago, and especially when you compare it to that first "How To" video from 20011, which you can watch here.

If you have a product or service to sell, and you can show or tell (preferably both"!) potential clients something that benefits them AND reinforces your competencies that they should be buying, then a web video should be in your future. The return on investment could be significant.

Send me an email or call and we can talk about your "How To" video.

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