Your web video shouldn't be for everyone

I recently subscribed to “Seth Godin's Blog on marketing, tribes and respect.". If marketing and the human condition interest you, I recommend you subscribe. . Dan Horton of Web-MO, a “Web Marketing Optimizer” company recommended Seth’s blog. If you’re looking to maximize the effectiveness of your website, I recommend you talk with Dan at Web-Mo. They succinctly state “our goal is to drive the maximum amount of targeted new customer web traffic to your company’s website within your defined budget.” It fits very nicely in to my goal of using web videos to do the same thing. You can contact Dan here:

The reason I bring up Seth’s blog is a post of his from Jan. 23. It’s a good reminder of an important way to think about your business, and more specifically what your web videos should be doing- reinforcing your unique factors and benefits to your potential (and existing) clients, not the entire world. Seth says it beautifully:

“Almost no one

We may dream of the mass market, but the mass market doesn't dream of us.

Almost no one visits your restaurant, almost no one buys your bestselling book, almost no one watches the Tonight Show.

Rare indeed is a market where everyone is active.

We think we're designing and selling to everyone, but that doesn't match reality. It makes no sense at all to dumb down your best work to appeal to the longtime bystander, because the bystander isn't interested. And it certainly makes no sense to try to convert your biggest critics, because they've got a lot at stake in their role of being your critic.

Growth comes from person-to-person communication, from the powerful standards of 'people like us'. And it comes from activating people who are ready to be activated.

The most recent Presidential election makes this clear: It's the non-voting bystanders who are in the majority:

If you’re ready to look at what a marketing oriented approach to web videos can do you for you, give a call.

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