A real world example of the power of web videos

In the first post I wrote in October I talked about the power of web videos, and I've been preaching about it for over two years. (and have been practicing what I preach by focusing my agency's work producing web videos www.weisscovideo.com )

Here's a real world example of that power: Last Thursday (Dec. 8) YouTube posted a "Rewind" video - six minutes of excerpts from the most popular videos of 2016- In one day it had over 42.5 million views. I took a ten second sampling and there were 20,000 ADDITIONAL views in that time. It's now Tuesday, Dec. 12 at 3 PM EST and there have been nearly 121 MILLION views that's seven million more viewers than watched last year's Super Bowl - Click on the link yourself and see how many views there have been since this time. https://goo.gl/wAckeA

BOTTOM LINE: If you're not using web videos in your marketing mix, you're missing out big time.

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